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Well, it looks like Chapter 2 is more than due for its turn. And… - LOTR Community Reading Group [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Feb. 14th, 2008|01:21 pm]
LOTR Community Reading Group


Well, it looks like Chapter 2 is more than due for its turn. And there’s no need to stop discussing Chapter 1. We can just keep comments on it to that thread.

So I think I’ll get us started. “The Shadow of the Past” is all about foreshadowing for the rest of the book, so I’m going to post some parts that I think bear some consideration--especially for first time readers who might like to be pointed to the clues.

-We are told, specifically and in no uncertain terms that Merry and Pippin are Frodo’s closest friends.

-Frodo’s appearance remains youthful, and he seems to have some of Bilbo’s old wanderlust. He began to feel restless.

- “Merry and his other friends watched him anxiously”

-While Merry and Pippin suspect Frodo of meeting Elves, that’s neither confirmed nor denied, but he *definitely* meets with Dwarves. Rumors of Mordor make their way as far as the Shire.

-Sam’s cousin Hal seeing a “walking tree”

- “Sam sat silent and said no more. He had a good deal to think about…[but] Sam had more on his mind than gardening.”

-We are all pretty familiar with Gandalf’s account of the Ring; that whole narrative of his is filled with foreshadowing, though I’d say his most cryptic and yet most important remarks were about Bilbo being “meant” to find the Ring, and Frodo to have it; and his hint that Gollum might have some part to play before the end.

And then of course, there’s catching Sam--who clearly *was* eavesdropping, in spite of his disingenuous attempt to deny it.

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